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Topic (No Replies) BDSM Test: What kind of sexual deviant are you? ksenia 11 1856 1/17/2017
By: KronusD95
Topic (No Replies) D/s: A Submissive's Mantra
the promises of a submissive
DeadlyImpression 7 1333 4/2/2016
By: Sadist{s}
Topic (New Replies) Reference:Manners, Protocol and Etiquette ksenia 0 341 12/28/2015
By: ksenia
Topic (No Replies) Kinky ponderings: RACK, SSC, abuse and Capacity for Consent
revisiting a cyclical topic
{ksenia} 3 915 10/28/2015
By: ~Knighthawk
Topic (No Replies) First Steps: Becoming a Good Dominant
Online article
ksenia 1 353 10/18/2015
By: 7R0MM3L
Topic (New Replies) D/s: Predators
Some predator warning signs and a few words of advice to people both new to the scene and more 'seasoned'
{ksenia} 0 266 10/18/2015
By: {ksenia}
Topic (New Replies) Bound by text: Writing in first person
Me, Myself and I
{ksenia} 0 263 10/18/2015
By: ksenia
Topic (New Replies) Bound by text: a lesson from role-players
Interacting in an environment using the written word
{ksenia} 0 261 10/18/2015
By: {ksenia}
Topic (New Replies) Recommended: Protocols and Etiquette Reading
Internal and external links for your perusal
{ksenia} 0 290 10/11/2015
By: {ksenia}
Topic (No Replies) D/s: Trust - a Dom's perspective
an article on Trust from a Dominant's perspective
NyteRunner 2 900 10/11/2015
By: {ksenia}
Topic (No Replies) D/s: Collars - Who, What and Why
article about the history and meaning of collars
DeadlyImpression 2 866 10/11/2015
By: ksenia
Topic (No Replies) D/s: Characteristics of a Successful Submissive
Article and link
ingenue 2 2060 6/16/2013
By: GlassDeviant
Hot Topic (No Replies) D/s: What is True Dominance?
One perspective...
Brogan{bailey} 27 7811 6/4/2013
By: KG1970
Hot Topic (No Replies) 32 things a submissive should never do... ~strungfilly~ 22 7285 6/4/2013
By: EmeraldFaye
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